High Tech Gas Grills for the Ultimate Outdoor Cooking

There are many regular gas grills with simple features and a common operating mode, but why settle for those and not opt for a high tech gas grill for your outdoor kitchen? Check out our choices of the best outdoor grills and let yourself be blown away by the amazing features these grills are packed with.

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond E790i Gas Grill

What makes the Fire Magic Echelon Diamond one of the best outdoor grills, is the fact that it includes so many features that it’s hard to decide which one to start with. First of all, it features halogen work lights so you can enjoy outdoor cooking even when it’s dark outside. Second, the control knobs are backlit for maximum convenience and there is also a Magic View window so you can have a look at what is happening inside the grill. However, what is really impressive are the multi-functional digital thermometer that controls each cooking zone, the built-in timer, the alarm, and the food probe that monitors the internal temperature of the food.

Saber Edge Grill

When you say high tech, this gas grill is what you are referring to due to the WiFi connectivity that enables you to connect the gas grill to your smartphone or tablet. This way, you will be able to check the grill temperature, the propane gas levels, and the status of the burners. There is also a ceramic glass window that lets you see how the food is doing on the grill without having to lift the lid and tempering with the grilling temperature. The grill also includes an infrared heating system that evenly distributes the heat across the grill. Every feature of this high tech gas grill is shown on an LCD screen on the grill.

Blaze Professional Series 3-Burner Gas Grill

The red LED lights that illuminate the control knobs are the first signs that this gas grill is packed with multiple state of the art features. When you open the lid and you see the halogen working lights, you are convinced that this grill was designed with attention to details. The design is also innovative since this is the first grill to have a side-mounted waterproof rotisserie motor that can be left out when not in use. Even the stainless steel H-burners and the hexagonal cooking grids make this gas grill inspire great performance and advanced technologies.

DCS 30-Inch Professional Grill With Rotisserie

This gas grill features something you don’t get to see very often in gas grills which is the lack of an ignition system. To have the grill running, you simply press the temp control knob of the burner you want to turn on and there are reflector shields inside the grill basin that direct the heat from the burners. Even the rotisserie has its high tech feature that allows you to turn it off quickly with a safety switch.