Gadgets that Help You with Your Laundry Chores

Let’s face it, nobody likes to spend their entire day doing laundry, sorting the clothes, drying and ironing them and we all wish we could find a magical device that will have the clothes clean and folded in our closet. Since that magical device hasn’t been yet invented, we can take advantage of the gadgets that are available to make laundry chores easier.

LG Smart ThinQ dryer

Nevertheless, a clothes dryer can significantly reduce your laundry chores but this one can completely change the way you use to dry your clothes. This appliance is a smart one that can be connected to the internet so you can see its status and know how long before the drying cycle will be over. It comes with many convenient drying cycles that use steam to reduce the wrinkles of the fabrics so you will not have to iron the clothes. It offers 14 drying programs and 9 drying options for the most comfortable laundry experience.

Woolzies clothes drying balls

Instead of buying expensive fabric softener and dryer sheets, try these wool balls that reduce the drying time of your clothes and the static that comes afterwards. Although you can also find dryer balls made of plastic, these ones are safer and more environmentally friendly because you will limit the amount of time of using your dryer and the chemical-based laundry products.

The best steamer steamfast sf-435

If you hate ironing as much as most people, you will love the idea of using a clothes steamer that is more comfortable and more efficient than a regular clothes iron. As such, we advice you to get the the best steamer steamfast sf-435. This small unit that releases a strong steam that penetrates the fabrics in depth, leaving them wrinkle-free. It’s great for soft fabrics that require maximum care but also for thick fabrics with stubborn wrinkles. Easy to maneuver, fast in heating and extremely effective in removing wrinkles, this clothes steamer is what you need to help you with your laundry chores.

Kenmore Elite 41073 washing machine

We couldn’t think of laundry gadgets and not mention the washing machine that takes the hard work from you when it comes to washing loads of clothes. Kenmore Elite 41073 features a Smart Motion technology that provides special washing care for every one of your garments. The SteamTreat function eliminates the need to pre-treat fabrics while the Sanitize cycle is great for baby clothes because it kills bacteria and germs. This washing machine offers a wide range of washing cycles that can handle delicate, thick, stained, and worn clothes according to their needs.