Best Power Tools for Your Yard

Gardening and yard maintenance become much easier if you rely on the help of power tools that do all the hard work in less time than you would normally do. In order to receive the best performance, you must know which are the best power tools for your yard so that you will know exactly what to buy.

Lawn mower

Yard maintenance would be much harder if it weren’t for the lawn mower that cuts the grass in the blink of an eye so you will finish the chore much faster. Greenworks GM 210 is a good example of a mower that can become your best ally in keeping the beautiful aspect of your grass. It starts with the push of a button and it operates very quietly since it’s an electric machine. It has a 21” wide cutting deck. You can choose to mulch, collect in the bag or side discharge tour grass clippings due to the extended functionality of this lawn mower. If you need a more powerful mower, go to and read some reviews of gas powered mowers which are more powerful and can handle bigger lawns.


For smaller grass portions or the areas alongside your alleys, you will need a good trimmer that will take care of the grass with the same efficiency as it’s older brother, the mower. Craftsman 71147 will do a great job in trimming the grass and giving it a neat cut. You can take care of the grass around your flowers and you can give a short trim to the grass around fences or alleys. Lightweight, easy to handle and extremely accurate, this power tool is a great choice when it comes to yard maintenance.

Hedge trimmer

Your hedges, bushes, and trees must also look neat for an even aspect of your yard so you should also invest in a hedge trimmer like the Black and Decker HH2455. This model is a corded version with a large cutting capacity that can handle even the largest trees. It’s very lightweight for easy handling and features a 24-inch cutting blade that ensures maneuverability and allows you to shape your hedges as you wish. The dual action blade is made of a stainless steel that is rust resistant so you will enjoy the performance of this trimmer multiple times before it will show any sign of wear.

Snow blower

Keep your yard look great during the winter as well with a snow blower that will remove the snow that will cover your yard. The Troy-Bilt Squall 2100 is a gas powered unit but features an electric start so you can have it running in a few seconds. It uses a 208cc engine to clear snow on paths as wide as 21 inches and as deep as 13 inches.