Best High-Tech Radar Detectors for Luxury Cars

Let’s be honest, most people who own luxury cars tend to disobey the law when they’re behind the wheel. The speeds that these types of cars can reach make it very tempting to pass the legal limit, and this ultimately leads to the drivers getting speeding tickets. If you own a luxury car and you want to ensure that you won’t get a ticket for speeding or doing other mistakes when you drive, read the following lines. Here you will find out which are the best high-tech radar detectors for luxury cars.

Escort Passport Max 2

For the price of $600, you can avoid getting a speeding ticket ever again with the help of the Escort Passport Max 2 radar detector. It’s the ideal device for those who drive long distances due to the fact that it features over-speed alerts that announce you when you exceed the speed limit to keep you out of trouble. This amazing, high-tech radar detector combines accuracy and long-range radar gun detection with GPS features to ensure safety at all times while you’re behind the wheel. It is actually more than a simple radar detector. The fact that it has a wide built-in database of speed camera locations, GPS and a community threat-sharing app make it a threat detector. It offers 3 sensitivity settings for you to choose from according to the accuracy that you need and if you’re driving in the city or on the highway. In addition, it uses multiple diodes for 360-degree laser detection to ensure that you won’t ever be caught off-guard.

Beltronics Pro 500

You can mount the high-tech Beltronics Pro 500 radar detector in your luxury car for the price of $350. This model comes with a pre-loaded database of speed camera and red-light camera locations to enhance your road awareness and keep you safe from getting tickets. It can detect K-bands, Ka-bands, X-bands, and LIDAR. The multiple sensor diodes of this radar detector allow it to provide a 360-degree laser detection to ensure that you won’t be caught disobeying the law. The built-in GPS allows you to mark the locations of the speed traps and other threats that you find on the road. Also, it’s compatible with the Escort Live app. This means that you can get information regarding threats from other people who use the app to increase your chances of staying out of trouble.

Escort Passport 9500ix

The last entry on our list of the best high-tech radar detectors for luxury cars is the Escort Passport 9500ix model. You can have it for the price of $450. Due to the fact that it features the Defender database, this radar detector is able to alert you when you approach fixed speed camera locations and red-light cameras. It offers an excellent range and accuracy due to the remarkable sensitivity of the sensors that it uses. To make sure that you won’t ever be surprised by law enforcement officers, this model detects X-bands, Ka-bands, K-bands, POP modes, and LIDAR. In addition, it comes with a built-in GPS system that provides visual alerts, allowing you to view the location of potential threats before you approach them.