Best Gadgets for Small Indoor Gardens

Growing an indoor garden is harder than growing an outdoor one because you don’t rely on nature’s help and you have to create the perfect growth environment for your plants by yourself. Luckily, there are many useful gadgets you can use to help your plants grow so you will enjoy a beautiful and thriving indoor garden. Check out below which are the best gadgets that can help you take good care of your indoor garden.

Click and Grow

This sleek white device allows you to grow herbs and plants in pre-potted cartridges so you won’t make a mess while planting. Consisting of a nano-technological growth environment that ensures the proper amounts of water, oxygen, and nutrients, Click and Grow encourages the plants to grow indoor with the same success as they would grow outdoors. It comes with a pre-loaded plant cartridge and you can buy more in 10 varieties.

Koubachi Plant Sensor

Given how hard it is to know exactly how much water or fertilizer your plants need, a sensor that will tell you the exact amounts is more than useful. The Koubachi plant sensor looks like a golf club with a sharp end that is inserted to the soil and a rounded end that stays out of the soil. Once inserted, the gadget analyzes the soil temperature, humidity, and light density and lets you know all the information so you will be able to create the perfect growth environment for your plants. There is also a Koubachi iPhone app and a web app that you can use to store all the data.

VegiBee pollinator

This gadget mimics the high-frequency vibrations created by the bees’ wings when they come to pollinate the flowers. VegiBee vibrates so pollen from the flower gently drops into the spoon that comes in the package so you can naturally pollinate your plants. It works for a wide range of vegetables and fruits including peppers, tomatoes, peas, beans, and strawberries. This gadget will help you increase the yield of your indoor garden by up to 30% every year.

AeroGarden Ultra

If your indoor plants are not getting enough sunlight, you can solve the issue with this device that includes led grow lights that create a full spectrum of light that encourages the plants to grow. In the base pot, the AeroGarden holds 7 seed pots in an organic peat moss that provides the plants with all the necessary nutrients for a perfect growth. And with the light coming from the top of the device, the plants will have no problem in growing.